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Why good workforce planning can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

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Vimal Navaneesan
1. October 2021
Today, many companies use pen and paper or Excel to create their schedules. This way of working can cause you countless frustrations and possibly costs you a lot of time when entering times and salaries. One mistake in the schedule can ruin the whole timetable. In fact, it does not only affect you, but the entire workplace. As soon as a mistake is made, the avalanche kicks in. Your employees become confused and frustrated about wrong times and wages and this can potentially have a negative effect on the functioning of the company. Solving these potential problems can create a lot of extra and unnecessary work that takes up a lot of time.

If you are familiar with any of the mentioned problems and you would like to find a solution for it, please read on. Below, 5 examples will be explained on how a good workforce planning system can have a positive impact on the satisfaction of your employees.

1. Provide more freedom.

The main advantage of setting up an online workforce planning system in your company is that you save time and effort. By using a system like this, you can automate many tasks, which means that you can easily reduce the time you spend on unnecessary tasks.

The time you save here can be spent on tasks that you enjoy more. More time and freedom during the working day will not only have a positive effect on you individually, but this will undoubtedly flow over to your employees. All in all, this will provide a more pleasant working atmosphere.

2. Minimize errors.

Humans are more likely to make mistakes. Therefore, we need to find an easier solution that is more reliable and efficient. If you are used to paper and pencil or a digital spreadsheet like Excel, the chances of making mistakes are high. When you're typing, one wrong day or one wrong number can have a negative impact on the entire operation. However, with Relion's workforce planning system, you can minimize errors while you make your working week easier and more manageable.

Lean back while Relion:

  • Makes scheduling effortless
  • Registers meeting times with ease
  • Monitors the time registration
  • Provides fast communication via notifications

3. More engagement.

When your company has satisfied and engaged employees, this will automatically lead to higher productivity and better results. By giving your employees more control over their schedules, you make them feel valued and involved in the company. This leads to better cohesion.

4. Better communication in the team.

Notifying your colleagues of changes to the schedule for upcoming shifts or other kinds of updates can be a major hassle. It is tough to please everyone and it is hard to prevent your colleagues from getting frustrated, which can have a negative impact on their work performance. This can be prevented by bringing everything together in a system, where there is an overview of all your employees and their times and where they have a say in it. 

They are automatically notified when a new schedule is published or if there are any other changes in the schedule. They are automatically notified when a new timetable is published or there are other changes. This way, everyone in the company is informed on time of possible changes and an overview is created for everyone, which strengthens communication within the team.

5. Increases employee satisfaction.

Another advantage of implementing an online timetabling system is that it gives you great opportunities to share your availability with your colleagues. This way, you all know when you are working and when you are unavailable. This prevents misunderstandings that cause many problems. If there are fewer misunderstandings about timetables, you and your colleagues will certainly be more satisfied. And as you probably know, happy and satisfied employees equal success in your organisation.

It is clear that a workforce scheduling system has a number of advantages. It gives you more freedom to concentrate on your own tasks. Moreover, your production and efficiency increase and you and your employees are happier when you are at work. Employee scheduling and the tasks that go with it no longer have to be a burden. 

With Relion, you can make your schedule with just a few clicks and it will automatically record all times, while your employees will get a quick overview of their shifts via their own app. This makes it easier for you to further develop your organisation and manage your employees in the best possible way.
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