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Why a flexible schedule in the workplace is important.

We need to balance our life between work and spare time. We should also know when we need to sleep, eat, exercise - and when we just take the time to do absolutely nothing.

Vimal Navaneesan
12. October 2021
Life is not always well-timed. Things happen spontaneously.

Your work is not your whole life, but the planning of your work should unite seamlessly with the rest of your life.

At Relion, we help small and medium-sized companies with hourly employees to make work planning more unified for everyone in the workplace.

Shift swapping V2.

An important feature of having a flexible shift system is the ability to change or swap shifts. A survey conducted by the American company Flexjob shows that 30% of people who left their jobs did so, due to poor opportunities in shift changes or inflexible shift schedules. Having a say in your work is an important factor when it comes to retaining your job.

The flexibility around shift change plays a crucial role in job satisfaction. Therefore, we have gathered 3 reasons why you should use Relion's updated shift swapping feature to handle changes in the schedule with ease:

1. More flexibility for employees.

Shift swapping gives your employees a quick overview of all available shifts. Employees can easily swap shifts with colleagues, hand shifts over to a specific colleague, or offer shifts to all other colleagues with the request to take over. It allows them to quickly and easily see the possibilities of swapping shifts with each other and thus make the work schedule comes together. When two employees have agreed to swap shifts or to handover a shift, the manager must approve this manually or automatically.

2. Say farewell to administrative work.

Another great advantage of shift swapping is that you save a lot of time on administrative work. If you have worked with schedules in the past, then you know that it takes a lot of effort to make it perfect. It can quickly take up to several hours to handle requests from employees who are unable to work, and to make the needed changes in the schedule.

By welcoming Relion in to your workplace, you will never have to worry about these difficulties again.

3. Increase job satisfaction.

When employees can easily assign and swap shifts between each other, they'll notice that their work life unites seamlessly with the rest of their lives. This makes the workplace an integral part of their daily lives and helps things run smoothly without any problems.

However, if you do not offer these conditions, can make it difficult to retain your employees, that is hardly a coincidence.

Changing shifts has never been easier.

Once the shift schedule is in place and shared via our app, we ensure maximum flexibility so that employees can swap shifts and arrange their work according to the spontaneous things that occur in life.

Get more freedom and save time on administrative work. With shift swapping V2, your team gets maximum flexibility and you avoid costly mistakes.

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