Plan shifts and track working hours with ease.

Relion brings together everything you need to schedule your staff successfully. Get an overview of all the features here.
Shift planning

Everything for efficient shift planning.

Relion helps with all aspects of shift planning so that you can look forward to plan your shift schedule, without worries.
Vagtplanlægning mellem leder og medarbejder
Roller til vagtplan - billede af køkkenchef
Roles and job functions
All shifts are created based on a role and must be filled by a person with the same role.
Relion vagtplan skabelon
Templates for the shift plan are made on a weekly basis and can be easily adapted to your changing needs.
Relion kopier vagter
Copy paste
Work faster with features to copy both individual shifts, whole days or even whole weeks.
Medarbejder ønsker samlet i en kasse
Employee availability 
Gather all your employees' time-off wishes in one place and get an easy overview of who can work and when.
Offentliggør Relion vagter
Publish shifts
Schedule shifts without your team being able to access them. You choose when you want to publish shifts.
Sortering til personliggørelse af Relion
Customise the shift plan
Choose for yourself what the structure of your shift plan should look like.
Afdelinger til Relion
Use departments to split your shift plans for several different locations or for internal departments.
Relion app på mobil
Smartphone App
The app has all the features you need to maintain and update your shift schedule on a daily basis.
Auto udfyld af vagtplan
Automatically fill in open shifts with one click, taking into account free wishes and time distribution.
Vagtbytte i relion
Shift exchanges
Allow employees to trade shifts if they have the same role. You choose whether the change must be approved.
Liste over vagter
Notes for shifts
Notes on shifts can be used to describe work tasks and other important information for the particular shift.
Kommentar til dagen
Notes for the day
Update your team with notes for the day. They are shown to everyone who works on that day.
Helligdage og mærkedage
Holidays and anniversaries
Plan with peace of mind. Get a complete overview of all the year's holidays and anniversaries.
Eksport af timer og vagtplan
Export the shift plan 
Print your shift schedule with your preferred overview. Just download the shift schedule as a pdf and then print it.
Notifikationer til vagtplan
Easily update your employees on shift schedule changes with push notifications.
Liste over vagter
Labour percentage
Automatically calculate your salary percentages by entering today's turnover in Relion.

Get started with the shift plan.

Time tracking

Features for time tracking. 

Just unpack the calculator. Relion makes correct time registration throughout the entire pay period, so you only pay the correct salary.
Løn-overblik i Relion
Relion vagtplan skabelon
Time tracking
Relion automatically counts working hours. Easily access or compare hours for optional periods.
Godkend ændringer til vagter
Approve hours
Easily approve changes to shifts and always keep track before sending the hours to your payroll system.
Stempelur med GPS lokation
GPS punch clock
Register exact meeting times with the time clock. Employees can only check in and out in the GPS zones.
Relion integrationer
Payroll integrations
Integrate Relion with your payroll system and send approved hours to your payroll system with a single click.
Eksport af timer og vagtplan
Excel export
Download a CSV file with an overview of all shifts and hours, which you can easily send to your accountant.
Løntillæg til Relion
Salary supplements
Easily create wage supplements and set yourself which days and times they should apply to.
Relion pauser
Unpaid breaks
Set how many hours employees have to work to earn a break and subtract them from the time record.
Løn-gevinst på ledige vagter
Gain in open shifts
See the number of open shifts disappear faster by visualizing the salary gain on the shifts.
Liste over vagter
Set employees’ hourly wage
Set an hourly wage for each employee and get a realistic overview of your wage costs.

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Employee app

Make things easy for your staff.

Always treat your employees the way you want them to treat your guests. You can start by giving them the best shift plan app.

Medarbejder kort
Relion vagtplan skabelon
Shift plan
Your employees get access to the shift plan, their next shifts, previous shifts as well as the open shifts they can occupy.
Medarbejder tilgængelig i Relion
Give your employees the shifts they want. Via the app, your employees can indicate which days and times they are available or busy.
Relion timeoverblik for medarbejderne
Overview of working hours
Make time registration more transparent. Your employees get an overview of how many hours they have worked in optional periods.
Vagtbytte i relion
Shift exchange
Your employees can put shifts up for sale and bid on others shifts that are for sale.
Medarbjedernes telefonliste
Phone list
Gather everyone's contact information in one place so you never have trouble getting back to each other.
Notifikationer til vagtplan
Keep everyone updated on changes and updates with automatic push notifications.
Kalendersynkronisering af vagtplan
Calendar sync
Everyone on the team can sync their Relion account with their personal calendar.
Løn-gevinst på ledige vagter
Gain on shifts
Motivate employees to work more by showing how much they earn on their shifts. 
Pengeskab med samlet løn
Salary overview
Give your employees the chance to see how much they have earned in different periods and see their job satisfaction grow.

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