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Team Relion med Rasmus Skovdal, Kristian Emil Larsen, Jimmy Engelbrecht Sørensen, Thore Elbek og Palle Hauge Petersen. Turteneck billede.

Don’t waste your time.

Our mission is to set you free from tedious administrative work so you can have the time and freedom to do what you truly love.
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It’s time for a change. 

More staff also means more administrative work. It costs precious time and before you know it, you are running around just to see the development of your business stand still.

With Relion, the difficult is made simple. What can be automated is automated and because your team has access to their own app, everyone gets a better overview.

With Relion, it's fun to do business again.
Relion shift planning weeks overview
Relion shift planning app overview
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More than a shift planning app.

We believe in relation over transaction and sincerely want to help our customers. That is why we put a virtue in good customer support.

Super fast response times.

You get access to documentation for all functions as well as a lightning-fast support that always wants to help you.
Perfektion i vagtplan

The pursuit of perfection.

We are constantly developing improvements for our product and as a customer, your feedback is always at the center of our priorities.
Partnerskaber i Relion

Value-creating partnerships

Your systems deserve to talk to each other. That is why we consistently have a strong focus on creating good integrations that can make a difference in your everyday life.
Relion med Jimmy Sørensen, Kristian Emil Larsen og Rasmus Skovdal

Talk with sales.

We offer everyone, big and small, a free introduction to Relion. You can easily and without obligation book an appointment and find out if Relion is for you.
Contact sales

Meet our team.

We are a team of young enthusiasts who are passionate about realizing our potential and helping our customers to an easier everyday life.
Rasmus Skovdal profilbillede
Rasmus Skovdal
Jimmy Engelbrecht Sørensen Profilbillede
Jimmy Engelbrect Sørensen
Kristian Emil Larsen profilbillede
Kristian Emil Larsen
Palle Hauge Petersen profilbillede
Palle Hauge Petersen
Fullstack dev
Thore Andersen Elbek profilbillede
Thore Andersen Elbek
Don Kronmarker
Don Kronmarker
Head of Sweden
Berry van Waarden
Head of the Netherlands
Serieiværksætter Werner Valeur
Werner Valeur
Trustpilot rating

That's what others say about us.

  • Portræt af Tanne Morville fra Gedulgt i forbindelse med hendes udtalelse om Relions vagtplan app
    Gedulgt bar logo bruger vagtplanlægning fra Relion
    “We are absolutely thrilled to use Relion; super user-friendly and intuitive roster system with a nice design and a service beyond the usual. It has never been easier and more manageable to manage our shift planning. Can only be recommended! “
    Tanne Morville
    Staff manager @ Gedulgt
  • Maria Theressa Olsen Bryg vejle fortæller om hvordan relions vagtplan giver hende mere ro og overblik.
    Bryg coffee house  bruger vagtplanlægning fra Relion
    “We have a better overview and feel a different kind of security in relation to not overlooking anything. It is really easy to plan far into the future with the help of templates. I feel that Relion's shift planning app gives me much more overview and peace of mind. ”
    Maria Theressa Olsen
    Manager @ BRYG Coffee House
  • Portræt af Vince Skaarup Nielsen foran Café Smagløs i Aarhus. Vince anvender Relion til at administrere sine 2 afdelinger.
    Bart plata  bruger vagtplanlægning fra Relion
    “I was introduced to Relion because we were looking for a new reliable shift planning system and we are very satisfied. For me, as a manager of two different companies, it has been easy and straightforward to handle the shift plan.
    Vince Skaarup Nielsen
    Manager @ Café Smagløs & Bar Plata

Make time for what you love.

Create your free Relion account today and save time with efficient shift planning. We are ready to help you get started.
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