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4 advantages of automatic scheduling

Save a lot of time and frustration on annoying and manual work by automatically creating your employee schedules.

Berry van Waarden
2 July 2021
Much has been said and written about workforce planning, and while the tradition of assigning employees to roles and templates has been around for many years, the newest addition is automated scheduling.

The need for automated workforce planning has arisen because of the enormous amount of time that many managers now spend putting together the planning puzzle.

On the one hand, it is about getting the availability of all employees and then matching that with the available shifts in the schedule; on the other hand, it is also about automating routine tasks to save more time.

In the manual tradition of scheduling, the process required time, patience and supervision. All three things that the busy manager may find difficult to find time for and, not least, to cope with in everyday life.

Therefore, automatic planning is undoubtedly here to stay and it is crucial that you, as a manager, adapt to the evolution if you want to have an edge on your competitors, gain more time and get a better overview of personnel planning.

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How does automatic scheduling work?

Our auto-fill feature automatically fills the schedule you have prepared, taking into account availability, assigned roles, minimum and maximum working hours, and the 11-hour rule.
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1. Create templates for your schedules

Before Relion can automatically create your schedule, you first need to determine the staffing needs that need to be taken into account when filling out the schedule. Based on roles and working hours, determine how many shifts you need during the days of the week and save this as a template.

The advantage of templates
If you use templates, you no longer need to add the same shifts over and over again. Instead, with the help of templates, you can create a rotating schedule that you can use repeatedly. It is a good idea to create different templates based on various scenarios, which you can use flexibly.

2. Make the schedule based on the availability of your employees

If you do not base your planning on the availability of your employees, it is time to start! Young employees in particular do not hesitate to leave their jobs if they are not offered the shifts they want.

For example, if an employee has bought a ticket for a Festival but then has to work on the same day, the easiest solution may be to simply resign, or not show up at all. Both are costly to your business and you can be sure that your competitors are eager to take over your best staff.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution for all parties. In Relion, your employees register their availability via the app, and the algorithm takes this into account when compiling the schedule in your template.

The advantage of sharing availability
Employees who feel heard will always do more than expected. By taking into account your employees' availability, you show that you care about their lives outside of work. This makes it easier for your employees to balance their studies, free time and work, and they are more likely to stay with you longer. That means less money for recruitment and more experienced staff on your team.

3. Set up your schedule with one click

When you use the auto-fill button in Relion, the employee's availability is automatically linked to the available shifts in your template. At the same time, the hours are distributed fairly and equally among your employees, so you can be sure that all employees get the number of hours they want.

When Relion creates an automatic design of your staff schedule, it goes through thousands of different solutions and combinations to find the best result. Fortunately, it only takes a few seconds, so you can just sit back and watch the technology do the dirty work for you.

Automated scheduling should be seen as a staffing proposal, not necessarily the end result. In fact, the staffing plan may need to be changed at certain points.

The advantage of auto-fill
As you probably know, it can take many hours to achieve perfect staff planning. With auto-fill, you can easily skip the tricky parts of the process and have a starting point that allows you to create your schedule in minutes, while saving you lots of valuable time.

4. Adjust the schedule before you share it

In Relion, the schedule is only live and available to your employees once you have pressed publish. This also means that you can easily make small or large changes to the proposal that the automated schedule has made for you. For example, an inexperienced employee may be assigned a shift on a day when you want your workforce to be at its best.

The advantage of manual changes
Schedules are a flexible thing and sometimes have to be changed. Relion takes this into account by making it easy to edit the planning, both from the phone and the computer.

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